Sam Smith at the Belasco Theatre last night downtown

This was one of those photos I was desperately hoping would turn out

I’d been surprised at how quickly Sam rose in fame over the past year, especially in the states, but it all makes sense now — he’s phenomenally talented and mature to an extreme. He’s going to be playing enormous venues from now on so I’m lucky I got in the second time he came around here

I’ve been wanting to see Lo-Fang live since the first day he had “#88” on KCRW. I can imagine it was nice to take a break from being in front of huge crowds that may not be familiar with him (he’s currently on tour with Lorde) and play for an audience of his own in his hometown. Well, not quite — he’s from Baltimore but currently calling LA home. I loved that the lighting operator chose to work with a palette that reflected his album cover and title. It’s Blue Film, for those that aren’t familiar. An amazing album on 4AD, go get it if you haven’t already.